IMG_5451I have been married to Mike for the past 36 years, so I struggle to remember a time in my life without his challenge and humor or his hand in mine.

We have three wonderful biological children, and we have added three more children through love and marriage.

We also gathered another two along the way. One was acquired simply because she refused to leave us alone, and now none of us can imagine what it would be like without her laugher and voice in our lives.

The other was a young teenager who entered our hearts and home because she stood alone in the cold and needed us to shelter her for a season.

1546346_10201716173240253_715733950_nI am a mother, daughter, sister and aunt, and I am, hopefully, also a good friend to a few resolute women who have had the patience and stamina to stick with me on this journey. They bring me joy, laughter, and wine and chocolate when I need it. I hope and pray that I give them something in return.

I am also a grandmother to three unfolding adventures called Finley, Jackson and Penny.

Each week I coach women around the world in groups called huddles. From time to time, I speak in churches and at conferences and also write books when the Holy Spirit moves me.

I love photography, especially black and white. I love the fact that when you strip away the color, all that remains is the timeless moment you captured and the emotions you felt in that moment.


I have been an interior designer for many years and enjoy collecting old keys and baskets.

I dislike spending too much time cooking, but I love to entertain.

I collect people’s stories and stuff them in my pockets, so as to carry them wherever I go.

I believe in God’s unbelievable faithfulness and mercy, and I have seen it come through time and time again

I hope you will join me on this adventure.