Beauty in the broken things Guest post by Becky Forder

A few months ago my lovely boss sent me an email about Kintsugi ,which is the Japanese art of repaired pottery. Broken pottery is repaired with lacquer dusted or mixed with powered gold, silver or platinum. The idea is that the bowl becomes more beautiful for having been broken, that the breakage and repair become part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. There is an embracing of the imperfect and the flawed.

Isn’t that the same way we should view our lives and the lives of others around us? So often we are ashamed of our brokenness, of the mistakes, of our pasts, of our tragedies. What I love about following Jesus is that he turns it all on its head and views it the opposite way. As I was recently reminded messy is the currency God works in.

I love that with Jesus tragedy is not the end. I love that if we let him he can take the pieces of our broken lives and make something new. I love that he is all about restoration and redemption. I love that, with Jesus, the fact I was a widow at 29 was not the end of the story but maybe just the beginning. I love that the years of pain and agony were not wasted.

I love that with Jesus not one of us is beyond his love – no situation is hopeless with him. No person is beyond his forgiveness, his love and his power.

I love that even when we make the biggest of mistakes there is always a way out, always an answer and always hope with Jesus. A few years ago when I was starting to get a sense I needed to do something new job wise I remember a wise lady saying to me “what happens if you do leave and what you go to isn’t right – what if you do make a mistake, God is so much bigger than our mistakes and is more than able to turn it around.”

I love that with Jesus there are so many times of challenge, that we aren’t allowed to stay still, it is always about moving forward to the new. Challenge is hard, it means being vulnerable but I love the new places it can take us and the freedom it can bring.

I love that Jesus takes our disappointment and moulds it into something new. Disappointment has been one of my greatest battles – disappointment that my life hasn’t end up how I thought it would but as we let go of the controls and give him the control we are taken on an adventure we could never imagine, way beyond our disappointments.

I love that Jesus never intended us to walk alone. I love that in the most broken of times, when our lives feel in pieces it is often when our relationships with him and with others are forged deeper and stronger. I love those real, authentic and vulnerable relationships, that are such gifts, and are so beautiful – that are always worth the risks they carry.

Life gets messy, our hearts break, our lives at times are shattered but it is never the end of the story– there is such hope and promise in Jesus, that he will take those broken pieces and rebuild it into something new and beautiful.

Becky Forder is a mum, a lawyer and a blogger. You can read more of her blogs at

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