Crossing the Bridge

I looked at the bridge, and I felt small, scared and shaky.

I held tight onto what I knew whilst focusing on what might be.
I held you, watching you breathing, holding my own breath.

I love you completely and forever.

I knew I was changed; you had opened up whole spaces in my heart that I never knew existed.

If you became broken or damaged, so would my beating heart.

I dreamed for you, spoke for you, dressed for you.
I rearranged my life for you.
I rearranged my house for you.
I bought a car for you.
I bought a dog for you.

I saw the limitless potential of the person you would become.
I saw passion and hope and redemption.

You, each of you, took my breath away and took me fiercely to the other side.
We have genes and history and stories to share in abundance.

You are wrapped tightly inside my memories like a favorite chocolate.

You are my children; you are my inheritance given back to the world.
I look at the bridge again and hear the faint, feeble start of a song you are singing on the other side, calling me to be bigger and stronger.
So I run fast and fierce and free straight to the other side.

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