Family on Mission

We were a family on mission before we knew what our family was and before we knew what our mission would be.

We were a family on mission together. I never thought differently.

Mission is the background music playing in all the rooms of our house. Sometimes you really notice it’s there and can sing along. Sometimes it’s so familiar or so quiet you have to concentrate to hear it at all.
Our lives became our story.
Our home became the center from which I reached out.
The place Mike came back to.
The remote outposts became the place Mike went.
And I touched them remotely.
The children needed security and raising and encouraging in their own faith.
They needed to be discipled and disciplined.
They were a part of everything, but didn’t go everywhere.
Mike was on the frontier. Our tent was pitched right there on the frontier, too.
We were called to make choices for our children’s lives, so we walked and talked and prayed them through these moments training them to hear their Father’s voice above all others.
Mike would travel and tell stories of the people and places. Sometimes he would be in danger, sometimes we would.
Mike would go, and we would go with him in his pocket, and he would stay in our thoughts and prayers.
We were a part of everything, but didn’t go everywhere.
We are a family on mission.

Taking our two small, sweet innocent daughters to inner-city London where they would be exposed to drugs and violence and abuse and addictions was a call to mission for all of us.
Taking in an abandoned teenager to restore and raise her in our home is the same call to each one of us. All of us walking the streets behind Mike, carrying a heavy and embarrassingly large wooden cross are the same call.
Owning very little, holding it loosely, showing mercy, learning how to do battle, fighting for injustice, protecting the vulnerable, all of it is done by our family on mission.
Seeing the broken and persecuted, the lost and lonely sit at our kitchen table and sleep in our beds is the same call. Leaving family and traveling to another country was still more of the same.

We have one mission as a family, one call on our lives. How we live out that call will be different. It’s not less or more, not better or worse.

It’s not about us.

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