Feed Me – Guest Post by Suzi Hopper

Cooking has never been my forte. Better uses of time include, but are not limited to (because virtually any other task is preferable) gardening, painting my house, meeting for coffee, trolling craigslist for furniture, cutting the grass, going to the hardware store, etc. The imagined hours required for feeding myself feel like some kind of punishment -the grocery store, followed by unloading the groceries, peeling and chopping, turning on fire. Give me a handful of nuts and a glass of water. Ideally I just really like someone putting food in front of me; whomever -I’m not picky- calling out, “Suzi! It’s time to eat!” How has this woman lived to see 50 years old, you’re wondering. I used to make excuses but just don’t anymore. Because mid-life.

It’s a new kind of fun. Kids are launched and feeding themselves, we have a bit more $, I have my own business so I can make my hours, set my fees, be home whenever. Mealtime continues to eventually arrive each day though, so sometimes we go out to eat, sometimes we have cheese and a beer for dinner, and most days he cooks a good meal at home…if you’re my friend on Instagram you’ve been subjected to countless photos I’ve taken, overcome by sheer gratitude, of Brian at the stove #ilovebrian

This week our second floor washer (a bedroom floor laundry appeared convenient at the time) emptied a full load of water onto the floor instead of into its designated drain hole. Water came thru the ceiling, right into our kitchen. Dang it! Flood restoration company set up camp, and here’s how the business end of the kitchen looks this week.


When you’re prevented from preparing yourself even an egg for breakfast, you realize the relevance of a good meal. While nuts and coffee are my fave, they won’t sustain the day.   I’m learning, yet again, how totally unhealthy it is to skip “meals”; how can I do this tricky life if I haven’t stored up in my heart the Truth that Jesus speaks? Because along with midlife fun has come time-of-life hardships: Caring for sick parents, burying friends, managing estates, attending funerals. Without Truth, I am wandering and confused.

This winter, my friend Jeanne made frequent trips from Raleigh to Baltimore to be with her mom at Johns Hopkins. Her update texts to our friend group were written exactly as she speaks: all sentences end with an exclamation point. She doesn’t waver. “Mom’s Doctor is here! We are discussing palliative care!” Her texts also include the best exclamation, “Feed me girls!” At which point the 6 of us encourage one another with Truth. What a gift it is to feast on the Word of God. The kitchen isn’t closed, thank God! Jesus is always speaking. He whispers nourishment; He speaks Truth. He is exactly my idea of a best friend- he actually wants to feed me!

“When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight..” Jeremiah 15:16

suzi Suzi Hopper


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  • Shannon says:

    Wonderfully woven as always Suz! I so love the Jeanne texts…I hear her voice! How blessed we are in the midst of swirling life…to have Jesus, and each other!
    Well done friend..

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