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Goodbye.Attachment-1 (12)
Goodbye is just a word if you are still in my heart.
Goodbye means nothing if I pull your picture out of my mind.

We might be separated in this world, but you are everywhere.

I can place you anywhere on my landscape.
I can hear your voice anytime in my head.
You sit on my walls as a still black-and-white photograph.
But you are active and alive in my conversations.

I carry you just under my memory.
You dance through the thoughts of my day.
You sleep in the beat of my heart.
You run through my blood and bones.

I know that you wrapped me safe in the blanket of your love in your life.

It is always there. Your love for me.
Nothing  takes it away.
I hand it on.
Your love for me.
I hand it over and over again to those I love.

So goodbye is just a word I say for now.


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