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Grief is a tide that ebbs and flows in the beat of the heart.

Sometimes it crashes down and overwhelms and pushes your feet from under you, leaving you frantically gasping for air.
Sometimes it trickles around your toes, freezing your whole body and making you stand frighteningly still.

You can be  standing  in a crowd with laughter and love  all around when suddenly the scream of pain is so loud it makes you isolated and alone.

It feels like watching your life becoming a set of slow, sepia photographs fraying and curling around the edges.

It comes from behind when you feel like you might be getting ahead.

The death can be unseen and unknown to others.
Death of a vision, death of a hope, death of an expectation, death of a relationship, death of a dream, death of a possibility.
All cause grief.

To look at the loss, to travel down into the well of grief takes all of your  courage and faith, but in this place comes possibilities. They are not yet developed, but in the vague shadows of fog and grey, you can begin to walk slowly and carefully forward.
You never forget the loss because it has changed you forever. It is now in every part of your future, but if you can put your hand in His I know He can lead you gently and slowly to a place where you can raise your broken head and heart to see a new horizon.

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