He Is Faithful

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In 2013 our eldest daughter and her husband lost their longed for and much prayed for twins. This inevitably caused me much personal sadness and grief.

This blog is my attempt to describe my faith and feelings surrounding
this time.

I have traveled to a place where I never wanted to be given a ticket.
I have felt the terrible tearing of my heart.
I have tossed my dreams into the garbage and seen them crushed.
I have looked at the scar of a broken body and held it together.
I have waited and worried in hospital waiting rooms.
I have looked at a tsunami of emotion rushing towards me knowing I could do nothing but stand and be engulfed.

But now I have carefully and gently added to the tapestry of my life a couple of silver strands that are very small and short.
I have woven their delicate silk thread and unsung song into the pattern and music of our family’s life, for now and forever into our eternal future.

So I am still sure of His faithfulness, even if I lack faith, for He can be and do nothing else. It would be against His very nature (2 Timothy 2:13).

Nothing will change that for me. “For I am convinced that neither death nor life … can separate us from the love of God” (Romans 8:38-39). He never abandoned me or left me alone; he pursued me with his love.

You can never know what circumstances those we love will have to face.
You can never really prepare your children for the unknown future they will have to face. But you can hope and pray that they have deep roots of faith that will hold them steady amidst the winds of life that threaten to flatten them. That, even if temporarily broken, they will be able to slowly turn their hearts towards their Heavenly Father and heal and begin life again.
I give thanks for that.

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