It Is Well With My Soul

“Through it all my eyes are on you,
It is well with my soul.”

This July marks our family’s arrival 12 years ago in the USA.

Back then I felt so sure of what I was sacrificing, now I am not so sure.

There were many things that I didn’t know about myself when I stepped off the plane and landed onto the scalding hot tarmac of Phoenix, so many things I couldn’t have known, and so many things I still don’t know.

But I know the only way to travel the journey of hills and deserts, to walk along the paths of joy and grief is “through it all I have my eyes on you.”

This past year I have reflected on some of these things, and I can now say with a certainty that wasn’t there before, what “sits well with my soul.”

Here is my list of soul soothers:

  • Every photograph taken reaffirms my view that I love ugly and abandoned things.
  • Every creative project I put my hand to heals my heart.
  • Every bit of dirt I dig deep into, roots my thoughts.
  • Every step I take walking in the woods means I have less anger.
  • Every length of the swimming baths causes my prayers to go deeper.
  • Every deep breath taken in the rain melts my tears.
  • Every coffee sipped in silence with Mike speaks volumes.
  • Every time I hear another language or see another skin tone I feel less like a stranger.
  • Every trip on a bus takes me to my happy place.
  • Every folded piece of laundry that smells of starch sends me back my mother’s kitchen table.
  • Every touch of vibrant fabric or soft wool reminds me of how I am made.
  • Every possibility of mission returns my dreams to me.
  • Every giggle from a grandchild makes me Jolly.
  • Every hand held in friendship holds my faith still.

Each one of these simple yet deep moments sits well with my soul.

Our souls get bruised and bashed and broken by the world around us and by those who speak and act carelessly toward us as they pass by our lives. I think  because of this we need to know what brings us joy and then what acts like balm to our very being.

Worship and scripture ground and heal us, but what works well with your soul?

Do you know how to recognize the things that sit well with your soul? And if so, do you give yourself enough time and space to make them happen?

If you have experienced any sort of hurt or pain then perhaps it’s worth considering these things and putting them into the regular rhythms of days.


  • Wenda says:

    Thoughtful. Lovely soul-so others. Will out my own list together. Thanks, my friend.

  • Suzi says:

    Love this. Last year on a drive home from taking care of mom, I made a list, and I consult it often! Coffee (or Pimms) with a friend is near the top of the list! xo

  • Sue Abram says:

    So lovely Sally, kissing grand babies and watering my garden seems to be my well with soil moments right now

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