You Make Me Brave

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How amazing is the beautiful worship song, “You Make Me Brave,” by Amanda Cook and Bethel Worship? The Bethel Music Kids video is even more compelling. If you haven’t seen it, click here to watch it on YouTube. Any parent of a middle schooler should show it to their child as an encouragement. I first heard it in Ireland a couple of years ago when I was speaking at a women’s conference, and it immediately it became one of my all-time favorites.

Bravery, or courage, is something we all need. I know we have all had to dig deep into our character and faith to find it at different times in our lives, so the words in the song speak to us at a very personal level.

I have seen many leaders fail or fly depending upon their ability to be brave and have courage in what God is asking of them.

I have also seen and walked with many women who have shown outstanding acts of bravery because they had Christ with them.

I have seen a friend carry a child to full-term and then have the courage to have a natural labor when she knew without a miracle this tiny baby would surely die within a few moments of being born.

I have seen and encouraged our daughter and son-in-law to be brave enough to start an adoption process and then see it through to its celebrated conclusion after knowing the grief and loss of their own biological child.

I have walked with a friend who after two failed and disastrous marriages had the heart and stamina to try again and has now been happily married for the past 20 years.

I have witnesses pastors start again in another job in another part of the country after his or her job suddenly ended.

Sometimes bravery isn’t one big brave act. It is more often a series of small, faltering steps we tentatively take toward the future, not knowing what’s really going to be required of us or what the end might be.

I am not naturally or easily brave, but I have found many occasions when this has absolutely been required of me. When we flew to the USA nearly 12 years ago, I thought I knew what I was being courageous about and why. I thought I was being brave in leaving our two daughters in the UK to finish their college educations. I thought I was being brave about not knowing where our income would definitely come from. I thought I was being brave when I thought about not having the role of pastor’s wife anymore. There were so many areas where I overcame fear and found faith. Little did I know so much more would be required of me. By making several small decisions to be brave daily, it would carry me toward a future I had never even considered.

It is only by walking hand-in-hand with the Father and by relying on the Holy Spirit that I can do it. In 2 Timothy 1:7 it says, “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and discipline.” This is so encouraging to me; it gives me a method of becoming braver. I need to lean in to all the available power here on earth. I need to show love to others and know that I am totally and completely loved, and, therefore, I am secure in my identity. I then finally approach the fear with discipline, not allowing the panic and anxiety to overwhelm and suffocate me, but to be disciplined in my thoughts and conversations.

I would love to know your personal stories of bravery even if they are seemingly small or  frighteningly large. If it’s about having the courage to go back to school after failing your GED, finding a new church or whatever your challenge might be, I have a space to publish them to encourage others. I am looking forward to hearing all your stories. This one is mine.


  • Hope says:

    Love this! This is something I’ve been learning about myself and posted about it just yesterday.

    • Sally Breen says:

      Loved your post too, God does that doesn’t. He has a theme going if we can only observe it. Loved your blog I will start following it and recommending it to others. Have a great day full of small acts of courage.

  • Tracey Barr says:

    Transitioning from a missional leader with a group … to being full-time missionaries with this group has been a journey of bravery for my husband and myself over the past 4 years. “Bravery in the Spirit” has shown us both that we can do anything! As a result of this transition, I left my position as staff of our local church after 14 years, we sold our home, gave away most of what we owned, my husband left his position of 35 years, moved into 550 square feet of apartment, and live full time with approximately 45 Veterans who struggle with addictions! Neither my husband nor myself are professionally trained nor have a background with addictions, but we are seasoned in life (married 33 years), parenthood to 3 children who are grown, and especially living life on mission with our family and in the Body of Christ. When people ask us what we do, my husband always answers “we live life with a great group of Veterans.” These men have shown us what bravery looks like through their overcoming their challenges, addictions and health issues, and God has equipped us with everything we need to do his work and show them the love of Christ in our every day lives with them.

    • Sally Breen says:

      Love love this story of both your courage and the courage of the Veterans. Praying for abundant blessings to you and your extended family

  • Libby Simcic says:

    I love that song too! Christ actually spoke to me through that song at a worship and baptism service our church had last year.
    I had felt the push from Him a couple years earlier to get baptized again and recommit my relationship with him. I had been baptized as a baby, but now as an adult I felt it more personally, the calling to show my commitment to Christ by the act of walking it out in obedience in front of the members of the church. See, I get so nervous being the center of attention in a crowd, or speaking in groups. But that night I kept singing those lyrics and Christs was speaking to my heart saying I make you brave, Libby. Everytime I closed my eyes I saw his face and Him reaching out His hand towards me. So when all the arranged baptisms were done, I jumped up out of my seat and walked up to the baptismal tube, shaking and all and took the plunge. One of the most scary but rewarding things I know I will ever do this side of heaven.

  • Nancy says:

    A few years ago I led my first conference on Christian relationships as a pilot conference. What I did not know that eventually this would lead me to travel to countries outside the USA. As it evolved it turned into a relationship conferences for leaders. Each step required me to step into new territory, in lands where I did not speak the language. Through this experience I continue to learn it takes courage to step out into the unknown. But it is in the unknown where we find out our fear is dropped along side of the road. It is where we grow and learn to trust God.

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